Jumpstarting Family Home Evening

Family home evenings are a time where we take time as a family to talk about the gospel, and to spend time together as a family. Church leaders have designated Monday nights as the night that should be set aside for this special family time. It can sometimes seem daunting to have a perfectly prepared lesson every week, especially when juggling all the things that come with having a family. Here are a few tips to having successful family home evenings:

1)One thing that works for my family is to have a chart that rotates responsibility for the different aspects of the night. One person will take care of the lesson, one person is in charge of the activity (which can be a game, or something else fun to do as a family), another person is in charge of the refreshments and so on.

2)It is a good idea to have all the materials you need for your lessons in one spot. This could include lesson manuals, scriptures, flannel board, flannel board stories, markers, poster board, and a songbook.

3)I think that it is important to have refreshments after every activity. It gives everyone something to look forward to, and gives the family some extra time to hang out together just talking while you are eating.

4)The most important key to successful family home evenings is to have them consistently. If your family knows what to expect every Monday night, there will be less fighting, and more fun.

Family home evenings are a great way to build relationships that will last. You can spend the time as a family getting to know each other, and creating bonds that will help you overcome difficult times. Remember that it is time to help build family relationships, and to have fun! Let me know some things that help you have a successful family home evening.