Just Dance 2

I love video games. I didn’t have a game system when I was little and bought the original Nintendo when I was 19. My favorites when I was growing up were Q-Bert, Centipede, and Ms Pac-Man. I played Mario Bros. and Castlevania in high school. The games were fun, but I was never very good at them. I did better with the Atari games because they didn’t require as much skill as the Nintendo ones.

I’ve owned every Nintendo GameBoy except the latest 3-D one. I really enjoy the games where you have to find hidden items. I seem to always return to New York Times Crossword Puzzles. I love the Mario franchise games, but I have trouble playing a lot of them.

We bought a Ninteno Wii system as soon as we were able after its release. There are a lot of great titles for the Wii and I can even play a lot of them. Now that I’m a parent, I want to play video games with my toddler. The Wii is an active system, so I think it’s the right one.

Toddlers love to dance. I love watching toddlers dance too. Jessie loves to dance. She gets so excited whenever she hears certain songs and she starts to jump and dance. Santa brought Nintendo’s Just Dance 2 to our house for Christmas. Santa knew that Just Dance was very popular, but the songs on Just Dance 2 were better.

I finally was able to play the game and I wanted to share with my toddler. I put the game in the machine and chose a song I liked. I danced the best that I could. Jessie wanted to try so I handed her a controller. She did great! She doesn’t understand about following along, but she gets some moves in.