Just Saying No to Recruiters

Although the No Child Left Behind Act requires schools receiving federal funds to give student names, addresses and phone numbers to military recruiters upon request, the Springfield, Illinois, School District is providing the opportunity for students to opt-out of receiving calls from recruiters. Apparently the same school district tried this last year but their opting out choice was limited and kids who opted out of receiving information from recruiters also ended up opting out of receiving information from colleges and technical schools. According to district spokeswoman Carol Votsmier, “This was a concern for some families.”
So now the new opt-out form allows parents to prohibit solicitation from the military, colleges or both.

Call me crazy, but I have a bit of a problem with this. How many parents are opting-out for their kids when, in fact, the military may be the best thing for that kid? My husband has had a very successful military career but his father was dead set against his joining the Air Force. Of course he sees now that his son has had fantastic opportunities and made a good life for himself, but he’ll still admit that he was against the idea of his son enlisting.

Our country is getting so steamrolled by liberal propagandists who shout whatever they feel like shouting from the rooftops while the conservatives are just minding their own business and I’m a little worried. The squeaky wheel always gets the grease and American liberals are making a lot of noise. Something that you should consider is that the American public education system is loaded with liberals. They want to tell you when your child should go to school, how long they should go and what they should and should not learn while they are there. Who’s to say they won’t use their influence to get students to just say no to recruiters?

I see this as just another method of vilifying the American military and raising a generation of anti-military citizens. How will the draft or conscription be seen when people stop enlisting in the U.S. military?