Katie Holmes Files for Divorce – Part 1

I enjoyed a great lunch with my family today and when I got in the car to return to work, I checked CNN as I often do. I was shocked to see the headline “Katie Holmes Files for Divorce from Tom Cruise,” then I was shocked at the fact that I was shocked.

It’s not like we haven’t been through this before. Cruise married his first wife, actress Mimi Rogers, in May 1987. I think Rogers was the one who introduced Cruise to Scientology…unfortunately. Sorry, I am, just not a fan of Scientology. Those two divorced in February 1990.

Cruise met wife #2, actress Nicole Kidman, while filming the movie Days of Thunder in 1990. They were married by December of that year and Kidman, raised a Roman Catholic, converted to Scientology. The couple famously starred together in the 1999 sexually charged drama Eyes Wide Shut as a married couple, but many felt the roles were forced.

Much like Holmes and Cruise, everything seemed okay when Cruise suddenly filed for divorce on February 2011. Kidman said she was shocked and claimed to be three months pregnant when the divorced papers were filed. She later miscarried. The extra weird part is that Cruise claimed they split on December 21 – the very day before their 10 year anniversary. According to California law, that may have saved Cruise big bucks since “technically” the couple didn’t make it to 10 years. Although in her divorce papers, she claimed they celebrated their 10th anniversary with friends.

After the divorce, Kidman left Scientology, said she was unhappy her children were members, and pretty much clammed up about everything else. Oh yeah, and won an Oscar.

After that divorce, Cruise dated Penelope Cruz. Those two didn’t marry – it would have just been too wrong if she became Penelope Crus Cruise. But, they did date for three years and guess what happened to her after they broke up? She won an Oscar.

Now that I’ve covered Cruise’s romantic history up to Katie Holmes, we will talk about that relationship…tomorrow.

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