KB Teachers

I love it when educational materials are at my fingertips. I love the convenience of typing in what I need and hitting print. I also love knowing that I can print off quality worksheets for my kids to take along on errands or to do on their own if I have to run to the store. Since, I also enjoy exploring multiple topics and indulge my kids if they have an interest besides what’s in the textbook; I want to quickly and easily feed their curiosity. I have found a place online to support all my loves and it is KB Teacher.

KB Teacher
provides fun and educational printables for children from Kindergarten to Middle School. The site covers math, English, science, social studies, and seasonal fun learning. All you need to do is click and print! You can print off an unlimited amount of the materials you are interested in for your student. You can customize pages from worksheets on the alphabet to handwriting practice. My kids thought it was hysterical when their handwriting practice included funny words or names like Peyton Manning, Tim Tebow, or Captain Jack Sparrow. My Kindergartener loved writing Tinker Bell, princess, Cinderella and more fun words and characters. I love that kids can easily practice writing their name with the handwriting generator as well. You also have the ability to customize math worksheets.

KB Teachers is a site you pay a small fee to use. However, you will save in the amount of wasted workbooks you will buy. As I mentioned, I love having resources at my fingertips. I also appreciate being able to customize and print up as many copies as I need of an assignment. I am truly enjoying my time at KB Teachers and so are my kids. It is a great resource for parents with multiple ages as one fee covers a vast age group. The seasonal materials are great since you don’t have to buy downloads or workbooks just to do holiday work. Yes, you are learning quite a bit about this writer…she likes convenience, ease and buying less workbooks. However, I never sacrifice on quality. I have used many sites in my years of homeschooling and this is one of those I am happy to share.