Keep a Sick Child at Home!

Each year of teaching never seems to amaze me. Every year I am completely flabbergasted by the things that some parents will say or do. However, I suppose that I must back up a bit and admit that I do not yet have a child in school. For I may just as well be one of those crazy parents when mine are in school!

Parents send all types of odd notes or items to school with their children. We actually had one child bring in two pumpkins, and not during Halloween. She simply stated that her mother told her to bring them to school. I suppose the mother was tired of having them at her house and felt that we needed them.

I am certain that at times my children’s teachers will also think that I am a nut! Although, this one I am sure will not happen with my own children.

I check BEAR books each morning looking for notes and such from parents. I pull out a note only to discover that a parent is desperately concerned about how their child is feeling. It seems, as the note explained, that the child had a fever and was throwing up the night before. If I see any signs that the child might be sick, I am to call the parent.

So I begin to wonder. What signs am I looking for the child to give? Obviously a fever and throwing up are not good indicators since the child was at school. What else could the parent need to believe that their child was sick?

No longer had I shook my head and placed the note away than the child ran to bathroom and began throwing up. The poor child’s face was very pale and weak. He was taken to the school nurse where she discovered that he had a temperature of 102 degrees.

His parents were notified that he needed to leave school. Although I felt really bad for the child, I also really wanted to send a reply note home that stated, “Here’s your sign!” Of course, this I did not do!

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