Keep Marriage Fun

There is plenty of time to be serious, but it is important to keep the fun in your marriage. Besides being a roommate, part of the decision making team, and a parenting partner, your spouse should also be your friend.

If your marriage can’t be described as a friendship, one of the first things you can do to change that is to make your marriage more fun. The demands of life, family, home, work, and bills, bills, bills, can quickly suck all the fun out of your marriage. Don’t let that happen!

Be More Playful

Joking and being playful can lighten help lighten things up. Obviously this isn’t appropriate in the middle of a serious discussion, but it works wonders at other times. Make sure you can laugh at yourself, and try to make your spouse laugh too. Tell your husband or wife a joke, cut a comic out of the newspaper, or tickle each other. Just let go and be silly sometimes.

Make Time for Fun

Plan an outing that the two of you will enjoy as a couple. Plan a date and go some place fun, or even stay home and play a board game, video game, or game of cards together after the kids go to bed. Stay up late and watch a great old movie together. Go to a concert. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you have fun doing it. Plan something regularly, so both of you have something to look forward to.


Get Away From it All

While staying home and having fun is good, it is also important to get away from it all, at least occasionally. When the two of you have a chance to concentrate on each other instead of life’s demands, you will definitely have more fun. You don’t have to go away for a long time. It can be overnight, or even just for the evening. Just get out, put all your cares away for a few hours, and enjoy each other.