Keep those Mylar Balloons!

If your kids love big, beautiful Mylar balloons like most kids do, they are probably disappointed once the helium is gone. Well, you don’t have to throw Mylar balloons away just because the air has gone out of them. They make great craft projects!

Just smooth them out and use them to cover other items. Wrap one around a piece of light craft wood, staple it to the backside, and attach a saw tooth picture hanger. A round wood cutout is perfect, but you can also use a square or rectangular shaped piece. You can also cut the two layers apart to make a pair of wall hangings, and you now have instant shiny, colorful artwork for your child’s bedroom or playroom.

What else can you do with Mylar balloons? You can cut the featured design or character out and frame it in a shiny picture frame, or cut select images and place them in smaller picture frames to scatter across the room. You can often find coordinating wrapping paper to go with balloons, which will make the perfect matting for such artwork.

You can also decoupage shimmering images from a balloon onto other items such as a pencil box, a hatbox, a hamper, or a wastebasket. Cover binders and folders or make book covers. You can also use the images to cover a plastic tumbler and make it into a great pencil holder, or use tiny images to accent the corner of a mirror.

Your children will be delighted to make these craft projects instead of throwing away their balloons. Let your imagination run wild, and see what kinds of ideas your kids come up with too. You can do all kinds of great projects, and you will definitely get more than your money’s worth from Mylar balloons from now on!