Keep Your Pet Safe This Halloween

black cat Halloween can be dangerous for your pets. You may be well aware of the things that could pose a danger to your children on Halloween night. Keep in mind that there is potential for your pets to become injured or anxious on Halloween, too. You might be able to avoid an expensive trip to the vet.

Many pet owners have pet insurance. You might think of this as a type of health insurance for pets. It covers the cost of certain types of preventative care that your pet needs. It can also decrease the out of pocket costs that a pet owner would have to pay for treatment that an injured, or seriously ill, pet requires.

No one wants their beloved pets to become ill or injured on Halloween night. There are things that pet owners can do in order to make your pet as safe and secure as possible on Halloween. Taking the necessary precautions could prevent you from having to make an emergency pet insurance claim this Halloween.

It is advisable to keep your black cat safely locked indoors on Halloween night. Pranksters have a tendency to victimize black cats around Halloween. This doesn’t mean that cats of a different color are perfectly safe to wander the streets around Halloween. The best way to be certain that your pet is safe from pranksters on Halloween is to keep your cats, and your dogs, indoors.

Does your dog get anxious every time someone comes to the door? The legions of trick-or-treaters that will be coming to your house to collect candy could be more than your pet can handle. One option is to visit your veterinarian, and see if he can recommend a medication that can help your pet to stay calm that night. If your dog freaks out on Independence Day, then you might already have this type of medication on hand.

Every time you open the door to hand candy to costumed children, there is a risk that one of your pets will take that opportunity to escape. It would be a good idea to make sure that all of your pets are wearing their collars on Halloween night. This will do you no good, however, if the collars don’t have tags that show your pet’s address.

Watch what your pet eats on Halloween. A cat or dog might decide that your child’s candy, or a Halloween decoration in your home, looks tasty. Pets that ingest foreign objects, or foods that are not designed for pets to eat, will require a trip to the vet. Imagine how miserable your pet would feel if this happened!

Many people decide to light candles on Halloween. If you put lit candles into your carved pumpkins, you need to take steps to keep your pets away from them. Pets that get too close to candles run the risk of having their fur catch fire. A safer option would be to use one of those plastic candles that run on batteries, and have the same flickering light that real candles do, instead.

Image by Peter Huys on Flickr