Keeping Drafts Out of Your Home

Here in my neck of the woods, Wisconsin, the temperatures have definitely dropped. In fact the past couple of days have been extremely windy, up to 30 and 40 mph. When you are only in the 40’s and 50’s, that makes for some cold weather.

So it’s time to start finding those areas of the home that are drafty. You can save a lot of money on energy if you invest in newer windows. We have been slowly doing that. But it’s been slower than I would like.

In fact, we have this gorgeous stationary window in the front with leaded glass. We would like to replace it with a newer window that can also open up in the warmer months. But the first quote we received was over $4,000. Yikes…too much money.

So we may have to let that one go for a bit. The older windows that haven’t been replaced yet can be covered with plastic. But I also noticed that most of our windows still have the screens open, so it’s time to take those down or bring down the storm windows.

Go through each room in your house and check each window to feel for any drafts or to make sure you have the storm windows down. But then you also want to inspect your doors for any drafts.

There are ways you can keep drafts from coming in such as insulation or one of those cute draft blocker pillow-looking things. You might also think about insulating your attic if it isn’t already. These are just some ways to help save money on energy this year.

It’s so much easier to enjoy your home when you are comfortable and warm. If you have to crank the heat up high to feel comfortable, then changes are in order.

What other ideas do you have for keeping drafts out of your home?

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