Keeping It All Together

Keeping all your stuff together is always a challenge while scrapbooking. I’ve come up with a few ways to ensure that things remain together, but it does take a little commitment from you and organization to make it happen.

The first step is to gather your items you’d like to keep together. These can include stickers, die cuts, papers, brochures, ticket stubs, and other special memorabilia from an event.

If you purchase a huge package of gallon sized or larger baggies, you can place the items inside and with a sharpie marker you can label the baggie with the date of the event or any other information you want to include on the layout when you finally begin it.

Another quick and easy method is to just use page protectors. This works best if you have papers already selected because they will fit inside the page protectors which can then be stored inside a binder.

On a crazy whim a few years ago, I purchased two PSB (Paper Sticker Binder) by Cropper Hopper. I don’t know why I thought I needed two, but for whatever nutty reason I did. I use one for my sticker collection which I have organized nicely. But the other one didn’t have anything in it for the longest time.

Since I scrapbook 12×12, this was the perfect solution for keeping all my stuff together. I just grab a page protector when I get my photos back. If there are already some items I have for that layout, I gather them all together, slip the items AND the photographs inside and close up the album. When I am ready to scrapbook, all I have to do is pull out my PSB and flip through the pages until something inspires me. Since I don’t like using a sharpie marker on my page protectors I usually jot a few notes on a sticky note and stick it to the outside of the protector. You can also jot notes down on scrap paper and slip it inside the protector.

This seems to work really well and no matter which way you choose, you can stay organized and have everything handy when you’re ready to scrap!

How do you keep it all together?