Keeping Kids Busy on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving recess for school children begins a week from today in most parts of the country. Unless the time is being spent traveling, it means parents must get creative to keep their little monkeys entertained until Turkey Day.

Whether you need some kid-friendly activities to keep your children busy in the days leading up to the holiday or you are looking for fun and easy crafts for kids to prepare while the bird is cooking, these next ideas might come in very handy:


Give each child a large piece of construction paper along with markers, glitter glue, stickers, buttons, sequins, crayons, fathers, and other embellishments.

Have your kids make a Thanksgiving-themed pictures that include their names. Then, laminate the drawings so each child has a personalized placemat to use on Thanksgiving.


Buy a few small straw wreaths and have children work alone or in teams to decorate them with various accessories. You can use acorns, leaves, fake birds, feathers, flowers, etc. Glue embellishments on the wreath. When you are done help the kids hang their creations around the house.

Here’s another version of a Thanksgiving wreath that is suitable for older children:


White paper plate

Construction paper (orange, red, yellow, brown, and other seasonal hues)

Fall leaves

Crayons or markers


Glue or a glue stick


Cut a half circle out of the center of the paper plate.

Trace the fall leaves on the construction paper, then cut them out. (Have kids draw veins on the paper leaves to make them look more authentic.)

Glue the leaves around the rim of the paper plate.

In the lower portion of the wreath, write: “I am thankful for…” and then let each child write or draw what they are most grateful for.

Have each child write his or her name on the wreath, then hang it up somewhere in the house where guests can admire it.

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