Keeping Sunday Special

Many of you will remember the song “Saturday is day is a special day / It’s the day to get ready for Sunday.” It is really Sunday that is the special day, but so many times we become so caught up in what we shouldn’t be doing on the Sabbath that we forget to truly keep it holy. It is a day for remembering the Savior, and a day to spend together as a family.

One memory I have as a child is that every Sunday morning we would have sweet rolls for breakfast. With all of us scrambling to get ready for church at the same time in the morning my dad would heat up sweet rolls in the oven for us to eat together as a family before we headed off to church for the day. It was a chance for us to calm down in the middle of the hustle and bustle and helped each of us look forward to Sundays.

As I think about what I do now, as a mother, to make the day a special one for my children I still look back to the things that my parents did to help me enjoy my Sundays. It is a great day for writing in your journal, and a time to have your children write in their journals as well. As soon as your child can begin drawing they can begin keeping their own journal. I remember “writing” in my journal before I could even write.

Another great Sunday activity is reading the scripture stories together as a family. I have some wonderful books that I save just for Sundays. This keeps the books special and helps the children to focus on the gospel on Sunday.

It is a great time to send letters out to missionaries or family that live far away. It is also a good day to call and talk to family as well, since most of us are at home on Sunday. And it is a good day to eat dinner together as a family. The meal does not necessarily need to be an elaborate affair, but just a chance to sit and talk and laugh as a family.

What do you do to make your Sunday’s special?