Keeping Your Faith at College – Part 2

Last month I looked at keeping your faith at college. I’m going to make a few more suggestions in this area today.

Don’t cut yourself off from opportunities. Just because you’ve always belonged to one denomination doesn’t necessarily mean that’s the right one for you. When our daughter went to university she, like a few others, I know found she was not fitting in to the Anglican Church she attended. She got lost in the sheer size of the congregation and found it hard to mix.

After a while she opted out and went along to a Baptist church which was much smaller. She found it s much better opinion for her as it was smaller and more in keeping with the evangelical style of service she’d been used to, even though she had never been in a Baptist church before. A friend’s daughter has just undergone a similar experience of changing church affiliation in her first year at university.

Ask God to show you clearly where you belong. Don’t be frightened of change. It isn’t set in concrete. On the other hand, don’t flit around with a week here and a week there. That’s not helpful for your Christian life either. Get to know one church before you make a decision

Take a little time before becoming involved in areas of ministry. Make sure you have your college timetable sorted and know when lectures and tutorials are before you commit to anything lese. It’s very annoying to have someone commit to a job and then have to pull out after a short time and get someone else. When you are ready find what needs doing and what suits your talents. Again ask God to show you clearly what you should do.

Don’t prejudge others by appearance. At college or university you will find yourself exposed to lots of different ideas and different outlooks about life. At times you may come in for ridicule, antagonism or teasing about your faith. Basically you just have to wear it. Don’t deliberately antagonize others with different ideas, but don’t be so wishy-washy and so like them that no-one can tell you are a believer either.

This is my last blog for education. Welcome to our new education blogger Amy. I’ll still be around and hope to hear from some of you on my other blogs about marriage, food, Christian family and home.

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