Keeping Your Family History

When it comes to family history, I usually think about finding lost lines of ancestors, and filling out a pedigree chart. But there is another important aspect to completing your family history. It is just as important that you record the events in your family’s life as well. Here are five easy ways to do that.

1) You may want to create an online blog or journal. This is a great way to keep distance family updated. If you save your entries on your computer as well you can easily burn your entries onto DVD to archive them. has a wonderful journal feature as well.

2) Another great way to keep a family history is to create home movies. You can easily record important events, vacations and holidays for your family. You can also have your family share personal stories or feelings about the events. You can edit together wonderful movies using software that is available to all.

3) You may want to write a traditional family history in a book. You can record special events and feelings surrounding them. It would be nice for all of your family members to have a chance to write in your family history book. You may want to assign each family a month to write about. You can also encourage individual family members to keep their own journals as well.

4) Scrapbooking is another great way to track your family’s history. In scrapbooking you can tell the stories visually. It is also a great way to show your creativity. For scrapbooking ideas you can visit the scrapbooking blog.

5) You may also want to interview older family members so that you have their life histories. You can record them on video and burn DVDs for family members. You can also transcribe part of their histories, and collect old photographs to compile into a book.

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