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Life would be so much easier if my young daughter was into Scooby-Doo, Mickey Mouse, or Sesame Street. Instead, she likes obscure kiddie characters that are not featured as scrapbook embellishments.


I so wanted to create a layout featuring her favorite Nickelodeon characters, but I can’t find a single company that sells “Penguins of Madagascar” stickers, stamps or die cuts. Ditto for “Bubble Guppies” and “Max and Ruby.” However, if your kid is into Elmo, Cookie Monster or Big Bird, then the scrapbook supply world is your oyster.

Good gracious, have you seen how much Sesame Street scrapbook merchandise is available for kid-themed memory books? There are so many different ways you can spice up your page designs with popular Sesame Street characters it’s not even funny. There’s so much Sesame Street scrapbook stuff out there that when I Googled “Bubble Guppies Scrapbook,” it took me to sites that featured Ernie, Bert and Oscar the Grouch.

I’m not even sure how that is possible.

Of course, this is great news for scrappers whose kids or grandkids are into Sesame Street. Allow me to spare you the Google search by describing just a small sampling of what is available. On EK Success’ site alone you can choose from:

*12×12 scrapbook featuring Elmo and Cookie Monster

*8×8 Elmo album

*Scrapbook paper featuring all of the show’s main characters, including Big Bird, Elmo and Ernie

*Assorted 3-D stickers featuring the Sesame Street gang

*Sesame Street staple bars that can be used with EK Success Fastenater

Other sites show-off their Sesame Street inspired masterpieces. I saw one layout that featured paper emblazoned with the lyrics from the show’s most popular songs, such as “C is for Cookie” and “It’s Not Easy Being Green.” The cookie song was featured on a page that showcased kids baking cookies with their grandma. Another cute layout included words from “Rubber Duckie” written around photos of kids playing in a bubble bath.

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