Kid’s Craft: Scrapbook Leftover Photos

After completing a layout, I always have a few extra photos that I end up not using. They are put into a photo box because I don’t want to throw them out, but they probably won’t be used. Why not let your kids have the extra pictures and then they can start a scrapbook of their own?

Last week, I finished a layout of my youngest daughter’s first birthday, and my oldest daughter, Audrey, asked if she could use the pictures I didn’t need on the layout. I thought it was a great idea for her to take the leftover pictures and make her own creation.

I let Audrey choose some cardstock and markers. I even let her use my Hermafix. This was a pretty big deal since my kids know that they are not to touch the Hermafix. Audrey got to work at the kitchen counter creating pages with Hannah’s first birthday pictures.

Audrey created sweet, caring scrapbook pages for her sister Hannah about her first birthday. She did all of the journaling by herself. She just needed help with spelling on a couple of words. She put all of the pictures onto the pages by herself.

Her finished pages were impressive, especially for a five-year-old.

We enjoyed working together to make the pages into a scrapbook by put the pages into page protectors and then tying them together with ribbon.

Audrey has been very proud of this masterpiece. She even took it with her when she visited her grandparents so that she could share it with them.

Hannah truly loves this little scrapbook that is all about her. Audrey and Hannah love to sit together and read it. It is so sweet.

It is so exciting to see scrapbooking bring our family closer through the sharing of pictures and our stories.

Scrapbooking builds confidence in kids because they see that they are capable of creating something lasting a meaningful.

So, get your kids in on the scrapbooking action. I’m sure that you will be surprised by the results.