Kids’ Crafts Week in Review: November 19-25

This week there weren’t many crafts and projects, since it was Thanksgiving. I was busy getting things ready for my family for the holiday. I also needed to spend some time with kids. They like crafts too, and they wanted me to take some time off to work on some projects with them instead of just writing about crafts.

I hope you liked the ideas that were offered this week. Most of these can be used for other holidays besides the ones they’re listed for with just a few changes, so try some of them at other times throughout the year.

Thanksgiving Games

Each of the games in this article can be used for Christmas or other holidays as well. Just change the theme from Thanksgiving to the current occasion.

Candy Corn Custom Thanksgiving Crafts

The crafts shown here make for a festive Thanksgiving, but the tablecloth idea can also be adapted quickly and easily for other special occasions from Christmas to birthdays or any time. The napkin ring/place card all-in-one can be adapted as well. Instead of a turkey, decorate the paper plate with red and white swirls to look like a peppermint disk candy for Christmas and then customize one for each guest.

After the Holiday: Craft Clean Up

Cleaning up is always the least fun part, but you might just find some new ideas as you take down and put away your projects. Save craft supplies that are still good, so you can make them into something else.

Candy canesHoliday Boredom Busters

Here, we started looking at Christmas. The “Picture This!” game is great for any holiday, occasion, or any old day. It’s fun and it will make you laugh. Writing letters to Santa is obviously just for Christmas, but you can also write letters to the Easter Bunny when the time comes, or to the Tooth Fairy, etc.

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