So I was searching the Internet looking for some kids’ websites other than the typical ones that go along with kids’ networks. I used Google and typed in “websites for kids.” Anyway, to make a long story short, I found a website called KidsCom. This site is really cool. There are games, jokes, stories, and even a place where your child can find a pen pal! I had never heard of this site before, but it looks to be a load of fun for kids.

There is one section on KidsCom called “Chat & Buzz,” where your child can chat with kids from all over the world and participate in message boards. In addition to KidsCom chat, the Key Pal program allows your child to have an e-mail pen pal. Not to fear parents! KidsCom firmly believes in the Children’s Online Protection and Privacy Act (COPPA), which helps put parents in control of information submitted about their children online. Before your child can participate in this program, s/he must have parental permission/verification. KidsCom strongly recommends that parents stress the importance of not giving out personal information to their Pal and that parents closely monitor their children’s online activities.

What else is cool about KidsCom? Well…has your child ever begged you for a virtual pet? Now s/he can have one! KidsCom has Plant Babies which your child can “plant,” care for, and help “grow.” The motto is “Sprout them, collect them, keep them powered up!” Your child can choose which Plant Baby to grow and then keep them fed and powered with items that can be “purchased” from the virtual store. Your child can even chat with other kids who have Plant Babies and discuss the different ways to care for them.

KidsCom has so much more for kids. Webtoons starring KidsCom’s own characters are available in the Adventure section. In Games, your child can play slide puzzles or even an Internet safety game. Cool Stuff includes a KidsCom store and a place to register for the Club. Under Create, your child can write a story or design and send e-cards. What more could you ask for on a website just for kids?

So head on over to KidsCom where you and your child can have fun and be active — and safe — on the Internet.