Kinds of Part Time Jobs – Part 2

Here are more part time jobs that you might want to consider:

Waiting Tables

This job involves taking orders from customers, bringing them their meal and meeting their needs while they are at the restaurant. Your hours will likely be in the evenings because this is when the restaurants have the most traffic. However, lunch or breakfast shifts may be open depending on the restaurant.

•Opportunity to interact with people
•You are usually very busy your entire shift, which helps to make the time pass quickly
•You receive tips nightly, which provides immediate cash-in-hand

•You have to work quickly and there is little room for error
•Some people find that the fast pace of this job is too stressful

Mega-Mart Clerk

This might be a position at Walmart, Kmart or other large store. Duties might include cashier, stocking, general straightening and customer service. These stores are usually open around the clock, so be sure to check what shifts are open to be certain that they will meet your needs.

•The employee discount can help with your grocery and other household needs (such as furnishings, clothing, tolitetries, etc).
•The variety of shifts available often means that you can find one that will meet your needs.

•Some people find the large, busy store to be stressful or tiring
•You will likely be on your feet for your entire shift


This position might include answering phones, filing, greeting clients or assisting in other clerical duties. Hours are usually daytime and during the week only (weekends or at least Sundays off).

•You may be able to be seated while working
•Many people enjoy office work
•Often this is in a small office where you can get to know your coworkers

•These jobs are difficult to find and they are filled quickly
•They may required that you be there during certain times that may interfere with your schedule (such as picking kids up from school)
•A small office may mean that you have to work closely with people whose company you do not enjoy.