Kiss My Face

Lately, I have been doing a lot of research on ingredients in health and beauty products. I already buy many organic food items and try to focus on healthy choices. On one visit to the health food store a woman who worked there told me that if you change anything it should be your health and beauty products. She understood my concerns about the cost of going organic and wanting to prioritize. She informed me that anything you put on your skin gets absorbed right into the blood stream. There is no filtering or protection such as with your liver or stomach acids. That made perfect sense to me. Rubbing chemicals in your skin is not too appealing. Worse, is rubbing those chemicals in your child’s skin. If your child is only three or four years old and is being constantly exposed to harmful chemicals then what health problems awaited her when she turned 30 or 40? At least that was my initial thought. With that thought I decided to revamp the skin care and hair care of my children.

I was nervous about switching over to organic products due to the price. I went ahead and purchased several items from Kiss My Face. Kiss My Face is a fantastic line of both adult and children’s organic health and beauty supplies. Initially the cost was quite high. The Orange U Smart Bubble Wash is $9.95 for 12 ounces. The Orange U Smart Shampoo and Conditioner is $8.95 for 8 ounces. There is also hand wash, detangler and toothpaste. The products have a delicious scent. The products last quite some time which makes the cost reasonable. Overall it will be more expensive to purchase but not as much as I feared.

If you are concerned with chemicals in your child’s skin and hair care products check your local health food stores for options. You may want to look at the Kroger’s selection or into Meijer Naturals.

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