Kid K’Nex: Silly Monsters for Silly Preschoolers

Product: Kid K’Nex: Silly Monsters

Made by: K’Nex

Age Recommendation: 3 to 9 years old

Product Description:

Encourage your child’s creativity as he builds and plays with his funny silly monsters! With 23 pieces including rods, connectors, and personality parts including toes, curls, and eyes, your child can build his own monster creation! Building set comes in easily portable box with handle so that you can take the fun with you! Encourage your child’s imagination with five suggested alternate builds.

Fun Features

Kids and build cute and funny monsters

The best building for kids as young as three years old

Includes more ideas for building projects using the same supplies

Little ones love to carry their toys everywhere so the box doubles as a portable storage box.

What my 3 year old and 6 year old thought:

I had no need to ask them how much they loved the Kid K’Nex Silly Monsters since I could tell by the hours of play and giggles they shared after opening the box. It was apparent that Silly Monsters was going to be a staple after just one afternoon of fun. My older children enjoy playing with K’Nex and while they never minded sharing with the younger girls it was obvious a set for smaller children would be best. My girls wanted their own K’Nex. They needed something that kept up with their creativity and imagination that was not orchestrated by an older sibling. Older siblings can be so set in their ways and often do not find it funny when little ones lose pieces or knock over a building project they worked hours on. Who knew, right? Sometimes it is just better to have an alternative. Kid K’Nex is made for small hands and big imaginations. It is well constructed and easy for little ones to manipulate the pieces to build an array of interesting creations.

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