Lame Goose

This is a great variation on a traditional game of tag. If played with a group willing to make some noise, it can be a lot of fun, especially if the players can perfect their goose honks before play begins.

Number of players: 4+
Ages: 4+
Space: Outside or gym.

One of the players is chosen as the goose. An adult supervising the game can pick the first player chosen by determining who does the best goose calls. Mark off an area at the end of the playing field that belongs exclusively to the goose.

To begin play, the other children go near the goose calling out “Lame goose, foot in a noose! Can’t catch anybody”.

The goose then starts to chase the other players, but remember – the game is LAME goose. The goose can only take three steps outside his or her area on two feet, and then must chase the players the rest of the way while hopping on one foot.

Whoever the lame goose touches also becomes a lame goose. That player goes to the goose’s area, and like the first goose, can only take three steps on both feet at first to chase the other players.

If the goose takes too many steps outside of his or her area, they have to go back to the goose area and start again. The last player caught becomes the goose for the next game.

You might find that you have to limit the space for the game, since the lame goose only has one foot. It’s particularly fun to watch if all the players are confined to a small area.