Lame Parents

What a freeing moment it was for me as a mom this past week when I watched a guest segment on “The View.” Gorgeous country singer Faith Hill and her handsome husband Tim McGraw sat down to talk with the ladies of “The View.”

They have three teenage daughters and apparently it doesn’t matter how good looking your parents are, how much money they make or how famous they are…teens still think their parents are lame.

They showed this picture on the screen of Faith Hill in a stunning outfit, looking as fit as they get. But apparently her daughters hated the shiny pants that she was wearing. Yes, they were actually criticizing a woman who could probably manage to look great in a potato sack.

Faith Hill also mentioned getting comments from her teens about something she said being dumb. The point is that most teens think their parents are pretty lame and can be very quick to criticize.

Why was that freeing to me? Because sometimes I take it personally when I try to be funny and my teen rolls their eyes at me. Or I am told straight out how embarrassing I am.

I remember a time when my daughter spent the night by a friend’s house and she was telling me some of the crazy and funny things her friend’s mother did. I asked my daughter what she would do if I did the same thing. She was very clear that there was no way she would want me to.

So what’s the difference? It comes down to the fact that I am her mom and I guess she expects me to act in a certain manner that other mothers don’t have to.

But now I don’t feel so bad. Not only because Faith Hill’s teens act just like mine but even if I may not be funny to my own children, I have another audience that doesn’t consider me lame. In fact, they think I’m pretty hilarious. Can you take a guess on who that is? Yes, it’s my teenagers’ friends.

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