Large Family Laundry Solutions (2)

We have been talking about solutions to help deal with the large amount of laundry that large families generate. I already shared some ideas for making sorting laundry easier, especially when it comes to matching socks, and some ideas for establishing a routine. Now, we have some more ideas to keep that laundry flowing with less actual work

Divide and conquer

Calculate how many loads of laundry you do in a week and divide that number by the number of days you have available for laundry (5, 6 or 7). For example, if you find yourself doing 20 loads a week and you don’t want to do laundry on weekends, then you know that you need to process 4 loads of laundry every day Monday through Friday. You now know how many loads you need to do each day. You can split this chore up among family members, assigning each person a different day, or a different task. I like this method much better than simply waiting to do laundry on weekends, when it may take you all day.

Another way to divide this task is to make each person responsible for his or her own laundry, with younger members assigned to a buddy to help them with this task.

Laundry arriving on track two

Create a laundry station in a large well-organized area. Members of your family are responsible for delivering their dirty laundry to the station and picking up their clean laundry, and traffic should flow in an out smoothly.

You can have clearly marked baskets or bins for sorting laundry (darks, lights, whites) to which each family adds their laundry. Also have a basket or bin or shelf for each family member. You can sort and fold the laundry at the station to be picked up later. If someone doesn’t arrive or depart on a regular basis, then he or she will quickly run out of clean clothes.

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