Last Minute Halloween Costumes

My kids are going to be involved in several Halloween or Halloween alternative activities in the next few weeks, and I have been told that different costumes may be needed for different events.

Who wants to spend a fortune on store bought costumes or have to run out at the last minute when a costume need comes up? That is why I am putting a list together of quick ideas for homemade Halloween costumes. Many of the costumes can be put together with items found around your house or obtained easily at most stores without a lot of hunting.

Robin Hood

Glue together some green felt to make a hat. Dress in tan pants and shirt and use a play bow and arrow or make one out of some twigs and string. You can add a cape for effect.

Lord of the Rings

Use the same basics for Robin Hood. Add a broach to secure the cape (you can make one out of a milk cap and some craft jewels. Glue felt and craft fur to some old shoes to make bare feet for hobbits.

Fairy Princess (or Angel)

Find a holiday dress or just add some glitter to a plain white dress or adult white shirt. Cut wings out of cardboard and color them or cover them in aluminum foil. Use craft pipe cleaners to form a halo.


Dress in slightly larger clothes to allow room for straw. Stuff real straw or raffia at the cuffs of your shirt and pants. It helps to wear another layer of light clothing underneath with the real straw to prevent the straw from scratching. You can also add a corn cob or a corn stalk as props.


Get an inexpensive sweatshirt and sweat pants in brown, black or white (Target sells these for just a couple of bucks). Get a matching hat. Cut out spots from felt and glue them to the shirt and pants. Add felt ears and a felt tail. You can also add a felt collar for added interest.

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