Laugh Out Loud Scrapbook Humor and Jokes

Laughter is the best medicine they say. There is nothing like a good joke or a funny story that can get your adrenaline pumping, your heart racing and a bit of giggling going on.

I thought I would take a moment to review some of the past Friday Funnies that made people laugh and smile and share. I absolutely love humorous things about my hobby that make me sit and think… yes, I have been there. It can be fun to laugh at yourself when you are obsessed with a hobby like this.

Here are some funny articles that have been written that you will probably enjoy if you are a scrapbooker. Let me know if they make you smile. I am thinking about starting this up again.

A Scrapbooker’s Quote

The Scrapbookers 12 Step Program

Another 12 Step Program for Scrapbookers

A Scrapaholic’s Confession

Addicted to Scrapbooking

Definition of a Crop

Evolution of a Scrapbooker

Funny and Great Scrapbooking Poems

Scrapbook Phrases: I Saw It On a T-Shirt

The Hilarious Thena: A Scrapbooking Gal

Scrapbooking Humor and Jokes

Some Giggles and Laughs For Scrapbookers

Warning Signs That You Might Be Addicted To Scrapbooking

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