Layout Deconstructed: Week 1

It seems that we as scrapbookers like to be on the lookout for a new technique or idea to add to a layout, so I thought that I would start a weekly article called “Layout Deconstructed” where I will break down the details of a layout. This will hopefully help you notice some subtle (or maybe not so subtle) techniques you could apply to your own layouts.

So, let’s get started with the week 1 layout: Snow.

Paper Selection. At first this may appear to be a random mix of paper and not something that you would choose to put together. I think that it works well together because I choose paper with different patterns: stripes, small dots and a graphic pattern. The different patterns compliment each other and cause the eye to move around the page in a triangular motion which allows the viewer to look at all of the pictures. The papers have the same color of blue in each of them, which brings continuity to the page.

Photo Layout. Here I chose to slightly overlap the photos in the layout and which created a collage effect. I like how the eye can easily move from one picture to the next because the pictures simply flow into one another.

The Title. I decided to use a fairly large title that overlapped some of the pictures. The blue on the letters is the same blue that is in the paper. This helped to give the layout a uniform look. I created a subtitle by writing on the backside of one of the patterned papers. This is a great way to insure that the colors will match.

Special Touches. I added a little blue paint around the edges of each of the photos. I thought that this helped convey the cold feeling of snow and was also a little messy just like snow.

This layout was very simple and could easily be scraplifted in no time. Hope that you will be able to pick up something you want to try on your next layout!