Layout Enlargements

Turing Layouts into Large Wall Displays

I have seen many layouts that would be absolutely beautiful as décor in a home. The traditional 12 X 12 size of layout could work well for framing in some areas of a home, but some areas would look great with a bigger piece of art.

Now you can use your layout as wall art, but have it as a bigger size than the traditional scrapbook page. Creating Keepsakes is now offering a service that will allow you to easily enlarge your layouts. They use digital technology, which allows them to really make each element of your layout appear clear and detailed.

Your 12 X 12 layout can be enlarged to a 36 X 36 inch enlargement picture. You can even do double page layouts and 8 1/2 X 11 inch enlargements.

This is a bit expensive and would have to be something that you did for a very special occasion. You can check out the pricing HERE. These would make a really stunning display in a craft room or craft area if a couple of them were grouped together on the wall.

This is a simple process. You just order your enlargement on line HERE. You will then be sent a box that you will place you layout in and send back. Your layout image is then put into the computer and your enlargement is printed. They then return your original layout and your enlargement. This seems like they make the process very easy on you.

The print will come with a 1/2-inch border around your layout picture so that you can get it framed. I think that it would even look nice if you mounted the enlargement with spray mount onto foam core. You could use it like that in a more casual setting like your art area.

I think these would make great gifts for grandparents or graduation. You could even do a layout of a new baby to give as a gift.

Hope you have fun thinking about all of the fun options you have with this new service.