Layout Idea Storage

There is not a scrapbooker I have met, who has not found a layout or idea somewhere, that they have wanted to keep for later use. Scrapbooking inspiration is all around us. In fact, it’s in scrapbook magazines, idea books and even in the mail and online. So it’s all great that you have these ideas at your fingertips, but do you really? How do you store your ideas for layouts?

Whether you are saving an article with a detailed or new technique, an actual copy of a layout, or even a photograph you’d like to emulate, magazines have plenty. Not just scrapbooking magazines, but Interior design magazines, clothing magazines, stationary magazines, etc., are all full of wonderful color combinations, styles and layouts. Sorting them and storing them can be difficult though. And keeping every magazine and putting a sticky note on the page seems pointless. You could have dozens of magazines with only an idea or two marked. So why not clip out the article, picture or layout you want to copy and find a storage method for it.

Sketch Books Are Great

Some scrapbookers don’t want to be inhibited by photograph and color choice, so they would rather sketch the layout they want to duplicate into a sketch book. It’s a handy place to store other things too. These can also be useful because if the layout idea you are saving is small enough, you can glue it in place in the sketch book with all of your sketches too. An article might not fit, but you could also scan and reduce it and glue it on a page. Just make sure you don’t make it too small that you cannot read it.

Files Make It Easy

File folders are one of the most common ways I’ve heard scrapbooker’s store their articles and clippings from magazines. Usually one folder for techniques, one for tips, one for journaling ideas, one for layouts they want to copy, and often those are sorted by theme or colors. This is an easy and standard way to save these types of items.

Binders Hold A Lot

My personal favorite way to save articles and layout ideas is in a 3 ring binder. The ease of adding and removing pages couldn’t possibly be easier. In addition, you can save everything in one place. If you want to use page protectors, you have a variety of styles and pockets to choose from. Baseball card page protectors are perfect to store the layouts that are found in scrapbook magazines, since they tend to be small. Articles can simply be hole punched and added. You can have several binders by theme, style or just one large one and have it divided.

How do you store your scrapbook ideas?

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