LDS Family Week in Review: July 8-14

This week in the LDS Family blog, we discussed a variety of topics, including agency, priorities, and service. Join us for a review!

Gospel Doctrine Lessons: In “I Know Him Not,” we talked about Peter’s denial of the Savior, and how we, too, may be denying Him in our lives. In Release Barabbas, we discussed how many of the Jews chose worldliness over the Savior’s way. In “Thou That Destroyest The Temple…”, we considered the ironic words of those who scorned Christ before He died. And in Deathbed Repentance, we talked about the thieves hanging on the cross with the Savior.

RS/EQ Lessons: In “Setting (Your) Plans Aside,” we talked about how President Kimball kept the gospel first, even at the cost of his plans for employment. In The Trial of Prosperity, we discussed the cycle of obedience and prosperity, and how it often led to problems for people in the scriptures. In Monkey Traps in Our Lives, we discussed how Satan seeks to entice us and, ultimately, to trap us. And in A Continuing Prosperity, we considered the idea that money and possessions are neither good nor bad; it is our attitude towards them that makes the difference.

The Rest of the Week:

Monday, July 9th: In Joy and Sorrow – The Cost of Procrastination, we discussed what happens when you put off doing your genealogy. And in Your Ward Employment Specialist, we talked about how the church can help us in our job search.

Tuesday, July 10th: In Priorities and the Gospel, we discussed how those example people manage to live the gospel. In Primary Time: Including Everyone, we talked about the need for every child to have a wonderful Primary experience. And in Getting Along With Those You Serve, we covered what to do when you don’t quite click with the people you are serving.

Wednesday, July 11th: In Dinner Discussions 2007 Week 25, we reviewed the lessons covered this past Sunday.

Thursday, July 12th: In Top Ten Ways to Know You’re In A Small Branch, we discussed some signs that your church family is tiny. In Do Your Actions Demonstrate Your Priorities?, we talked about matching up our actions and our beliefs.

Friday, July 13th: In General Conference: “A Tabernacle in the Wilderness,” we reviewed President Hinckley’s talk on the tabernacle, and his rededication of the building. In Modern Day Miracles, we discussed the role of miracles in the world today. And in Endure to the End, we discussed persevering in the gospel.

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