LDS Film Sites

My husband was a film major while attending BYU and so he has kept right up with the LDS film movement. He always seems to know what is coming out when, and he can tell you how well a film is doing. I have often wondered how he knows so much about the film movement since we live outside of Utah, but then he told me about sites that help him to stay up-to-date on the topic.

One site is This site is a great resource if you want to learn more what is happening in the LDS film world. It lists directors, actors and other key players in the film industry. This site has profiles of major LDS filmmakers, as well as a list of the projects that they have worked on. This site is nice because it also lists filmmakers who are LDS, but may not be making films that are specifically in the LDS Film genre. One example of this is Jared Hess who directed “Napoleon Dynamite.”

Another great feature of is that you can subscribe to a box office newsletter. Once a week they will email you a list of LDS films and where they are in the standings of money made and so on. This will help you keep abreast of how films are doing, and hopefully you can attend some of the films to support them.

Another great site is Although the film festival took place earlier this year, you can see who won which categories. You can also subscribe to a newsletter, which will let you know when entries are due, as well as when the 24-hour film competition is each year. The 24-hour film competition is a competition when a group gets together and enters to create short film in just 24 hours. It can be really fun.