LDS Movie Review: The Singles 2nd Ward (2008)

We all remember the gang from “The Singles Ward” – Jonathan, Cammie, DeVerl, Hyrum, Eldon, Dallen? Well, some years have gone by and Halestorm decided to make another film about our anxious to get married friends, but now Dallen is the only one who isn’t married.

It’s the morning of Zak’s wedding and everyone has gathered at the temple for the big day. Before he can go in, he sees his bride come running out of the temple for all she’s worth, throwing an “I’m sorry” over her shoulder. He promptly goes into a blue funk and takes up his video games again, determined to never leave his chair again.

Dallen (Kirby Heyborne) in the meantime is feeling lonely. Most of the guys are married and have a bunch of children, but he’s all alone. He teaches a Mormon Mythology class at BYU, which concept in and of itself is pretty funny, and a beautiful red-head named Christine (Erin Chambers) has just moved in and wants to take his class. He asks her out, they start dating, and become engaged. The only difficulty—she wants a temple marriage and neither of her parents are members. They can’t understand why they can’t see their own daughter get married, and it causes a huge rift in the family.

Jonathan (Will Swenson) is on hand to offer advice, being in town to make a movie about their old Singles Ward. In fact, he’s filming what looks remarkably like the original movie against the backdrop of the new movie. It gets a little confusing, but basically, “The Singles 2nd Ward” is just an excuse to promote the first movie as much as humanly possible.

The film does have some cute moments but I confess I wasn’t as enamored with the film as much as I would have liked.

This film was rated PG.

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