LDS Vacations–LDS Cruises and Tours

This is going to most likely be my final LDS vacation blog for now. I have written about all the places that you can go in the United States of America, but I know that many people enjoy travel to Jerusalem, and to see the Mayan ruins. I personally know several people that have enjoyed travel to the Holy Lands. I think that most of them traveled in a tour group. There are many advantages to traveling in a tour group. You do not need to worry about transportation, and you also receive information about the sites that you are visiting from a knowledgeable guide.

I have lately heard a lot about LDS cruises as well. LDS cruises are usually planned with one or two LDS authors, singers, or well-known speakers accompanying you on the cruise. They will usually perform or speak to the group a few times during the cruise. If you are a big fan of a particular author or speaker, it would be a neat experience to travel on a cruise with them. Another advantage to LDS cruises is that you will be traveling with a large group of LDS people, which may make the cruise more comfortable since most cruises focus on gambling and drinking. I have found two travel agencies that offer LDS cruises: Cruiselady, and Meridan Trips. Cruises are available to a number of destinations, and most Caribbean cruises include a chance to tour the Mayan ruins with a tour guide that is knowledgeable about the Book of Mormon.

There are also land tours available at Meridan Trips. These tours include Church History and American History Tours. There is also a humanitarian tour available, in which you can go and help people in Ethiopia, as part of your vacation. That tour would help teach older teenagers the value of service and helping others.

These tours and cruises sound like a fun and relaxing way to spend your vacation. If you are considering taking a cruise anyway, you should look and see if any of the LDS cruises interest you. If you have ever been on one, please tell me about your experiences.