LDS Week in Review – April 7th-12th

Life just keeps getting busier! If you weren’t able to join us here throughout the week, we have a way for you to catch up. Here is the week in review.

We began the week with a review of “The Crayon Messages,” a cute LDS novel about a woman who learns the true meaning of service by carrying out her visiting teaching assignment. We then continued the Scripture Study series with 1 Nephi 15:20-25.

The sixth lesson in our Joseph Smith manual teaches us about “The Mission of John the Baptist,” who was sent to prepare the way of Jesus Christ. We learn details about the nature of the Holy Ghost as manifested at the baptism of the Savior.

Miriam tells us that the videos of General Conference are now available, and you can find them at the Church’s website. She also talks to us about “Finding Peace on the Sabbath,” a day when many young parents come home from church exhausted and stressed.

We are kept up to speed with our Dinner Discussions for the week, and then we read a review of the book “Mary, Martha, and Me” by Camille Fronk Olson, which teaches us that the one needful thing is Jesus Christ.

Cultivating Your Testimony” reminds us of the need to nurture and care for our testimonies just like we would a tender plant. And it’s time to “Celebrate Spring!” Get out there and plant some flowers with your children and enjoy nature in all its glory.

In “Relief Society: Serving as a Group,” we are reminded that sometimes we’re the ones doing the serving, and sometimes we’re the ones being served. The organization was set up to meet the needs of all the members, and we each take turns on different ends of the spectrum.

We read talks specifically geared to the Young Women in “Stand as a Witness” and to the Young Men in “Give Heed Unto the Prophet’s Words.” We were also given pointers on “Three Things to Work on in Your Marriage.”

We can “Create a Healthy Lifestyle for Our Family,” and spring is a great time to do just that. We also read tips on how to “Plan a Church Related Family Vacation.”

We finished out the week with a look at yet another way the Church serves the needy in “What is Deseret Industries?” and “Why Donate to, and Shop at, Deseret Industries?”
Thank you for joining us for this week in review, and we hope to see you again here in LDS.