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If you’ve been reading my blogs for more than three minutes, you already know that I’m something of a techongeek. I’d like to share another great download spot, in case you have missed it – the church’s website at I think I’ve mentioned in the past that you can download the scriptures from the church, but that’s just the tip of the iceburg – albeit, a great tip!

First, let me show you how to locate this wealth of information. It is amazingly simple. Type in the church’s web address. On the top left side of the page, you’ll see a menu. Put your mouse over ‘gospel library’ and then select ‘media formats – audio, video, handheld (pda), pdf, asl, & braille’. As you can see, there are a number of great things to choose from. If you have a PDA – or a spouse who cherishes his, er, theirs – take note of that section. According to the website, you can obtain church magazines, curriculum, and the words to the hymns for your Blackberry or similar device. I don’t have experience with these, so I can’t really go into details, but if it fits your lifestyle, be sure to take advantage of it!

The section I would like to address, however, is the ‘compressed audio files’ – the fourth one down. Click on it, and you will then see all of your options. These include:

  • The Scriptures – You can load the entire work (Old or New Testament, Book of Mormon, etc), the work by book, or select only the chapter you are interested in.
  • Scripture Study Materials – At present, this only covers the Doctrine and Covenants and Book of Mormon class member study guide. You can select the lesson week by week and listen to it. I was a bit discouraged by this, since we are studying the New Testament, but then I realized something – if they have loaded two, they are most likely soon loading the rest. I’ll keep an eye out for them!
  • General Conference – we’ve talked about this before, but you can listen to General Conference by session or by talk, all the way back to April 2003.
  • Church Magazines – Ever feel like you never get enough time to read the Ensign? Would you like to sit down with your kids and read the Friend but can’t manage to do it? I was really surprised to see the Ensign, New Era, and Friend downloadable online all the way back to 2003. Again, you can select the entire issue or just the appropriate article.
  • Teachings of the Presidents of the Church – Only four books are available: Presidents Kimball, Woodruff, McKay, and Grant. You can download by chapter or the entire book.
  • Jesus the Christ – Yes, the entire book. You can download this wonderful work and carry it with you wherever you go. This is a fantastic resource. I am also optimistic regarding the fact that it is the only item under the ‘additional gospel reference materials’ – does this mean more are coming? I’m hoping that “A Marvelous Work and a Wonder” might be next on the list.
  • Music – In addition to a link leading to the downloadable church hymns, there is also a section leading to ‘other music’, which includes (according to the site) “music produced by the Church for movies, sound tracks, and special events.” At present, this page contains six songs. My only complaint is that there is no indication of the source of these songs.

As with the many other items I have recommended, you can play these items on your computer or your MP3 player, or you can burn them to a CD. However, with this wide variety of resources, I have a few ‘out of the box’ suggestions I’d like to share. This blog is getting a little long, so look forward to these tips on Monday!

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