Learning About Color For Your Scrapbooks

Color is all around us, everywhere we look, there are bursts of colors around us. In the sky, the tree’s, the grass, the water, simply – everywhere. It surrounds us in our home, and often it is a daily part of many people’s occupations (home designers, home builders, construction workers, even doctors use colors to be able to diagnose certain things). Colors evoke different moods and different feelings. Colors change the way certain things look when they are near them. Colors truly inspire and spark creativity, they can set the mood or break it. What would our world be like, if we didn’t have color? Probably like a bad scene from the movie Pleansantville.

Our precious scrapbooks would be severely lacking if it wasn’t for using different colors on our pages and layouts. Our photographs are typically printed in color and not black and white, so why shouldn’t you learn everything you can about designing with color?

Do you know how to make a black and white photograph stand out? Do you know which color goes best with different photographs? If you do, then that’s great, and perhaps you don’t really need these articles. But if you aren’t sure, and you have questions, this series of articles might be just what you are looking for.

I plan to take you through the color wheel, where we will discuss tints and shades, complementary colors and triadic colors. Since many people are confused by basic color terms, such as hue and tint, and what they mean, I will help you better understand that. I will show you the moods and emotions that certain colors can evoke, and I will explain what certain colors and schemes are typically reserved for.

My hope for you color challenged scrapbookers, is that by the end of this series, you will not only have a greater grasp on how color can help you with your layouts, but that you will understand color overall. It might even change the way you think about other things in your life as well.

See the entire series of articles.