Learning Book: Bertie Bumble Bee: Troubled by the Letter “b”

Bertie Bumble Bee: Troubled by the Letter “b”

Written by K.I. Al-Ghani, Illustrated by Haitham Al-Ghani

Publisher: Schiffer Publishing

Cost: $16.99

Age Recommendation: Grades K-5

Take a Look Inside Bertie Bumble Bee: Troubled by the Letter “b”

Book Description

Bertie Bumble Bee was full of excitement at the prospect of starting school, but soon becomes disenchanted and demoralized. He realizes he cannot learn in the same way as the others in his class. One day he makes a mistake in front of the whole class and becomes a victim of the class bully, Willy Wasp. Bertie feels humiliated and rejected when even his best friend laughs at Willy Wasp’s cruel jibes. Bertie develops a school phobia but Mummy Bumble realizes there is a problem and shows Bertie how to overcome his confusion with the letters b and d. Mummy’s solution works and Bertie becomes “alphabet smart.” This vital children’s book, accompanied by 14 bright illustrations, also contains a structured and fun program to help children to develop the ability to recognize and write the letters of the alphabet, an important prerequisite to good reading and spelling. Grades K-5.

My Thoughts

Bertie Bumble Bee: Troubled by the Letter “b” is one of my new favorite books for young learners. The story is a true delight. The illustrations are bright, bold, colorful and fun for kids. My little ones drew their own Bertie. I love books that inspire the child in creativity. I could go on about how adorable Bertie is and well developed the story is but I prefer to focus on what makes this book unique.

The author, knowing that children have difficulty distinguishing between “d” and “b”, tells story that will give children the confidence and tools to get past this hurdle. The solution is so simple yet so effective! While the book will empower a child with dyslexia, it also addresses any child just learning to write and recognize letters. In addition, at the back of the book you will find a section showing you how to introduce your child to phonics. The section is short but the content is immense. The book truly brought out the creative teacher in me.

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