Leaving Prints Company Profile and Interview pt. 2

I had a wonderful opportunity to interview Leaving Prints Consultant, Casandra Farman. This is the rest of what she had to say about this terrific company.

Nicole: How much does a start up kit cost?

Casandra Farman: There is a $30 kit and a $90 kit.

Nicole: Wow! Those are excellent kit prices. What do the start up kits include?

Casandra Farman: The Basic Instructor Starter Kit contains all of the business items you need to get started on your business. You will get catalogs, order forms, invitations, brochures, hostess planners, and a full Instructor Training Manual. That’s the $30.00 kit.

The Premium Starter Kit Contains over $250 worth of product, the kit has enough product to hold four classes. Some of the product you will receive will be one of our $75 Complete Kits with a 12×12 album, Make-N-Take kits for classes, Out of the Box Premium and OTB Kids kits, and more. In addition to all this product, you will receive everything that is in the Basic Starter Kit PLUS a fashionable and functional LP Cherry Scrapbooking Carryall that will hold an entire 12×12 album or a laptop computer.

Nicole: Ok, that Premium Starter Kit sounds jam packed with great stuff! What is your commission percentage?

Casandra Farman: Commissions change as you move up in the company. but mine is 43% on LP products and 4% on personal sales.

Nicole: Are you required to carry inventory?

Casandra Farman: You don’t have to have inventory but you can if you would like.

Nicole: Are you able to have a website or sell online?

Casandra Farman: Yes, you can have a web site for $9.95 a month or when you reach team leader you can create your own outside of the company.

Nicole: Casandra, what is YOUR personal favorite product?

Casandra Farman: My favorite product is the Coluzzle. I haven’t mastered it yet, but it beats cutting out by hand.
My favorite thing about Leaving Prints is the fact it has a low minimum and I can use a discount to buy things i like.

Nicole: Are there any other thoughts or information that you think would be relevant to scrapbookers interested in starting up their own business?

Casandra Farman: I would consider different companies first. I did that. Then decide on which products you like best that the companies offer and go with that company.

CaSandra Farman is a Leaving Prints Consultant from North Carolina.
For more information on Leaving Prints, visit the Leaving Prints Website.