Leaving Your Child While On Vacation

My husband and I are going to Cancun for a week for our 10th Anniversary. We are leaving our three children ages 6, 4, and 2 with my mother-in-law. In preparation I have compiled a long list of information that parents, who are vacationing without their children, need to provide their caregiver or do before they leave.

  • Make a schedule – include the times that you do certain things and all of the activities that your children need to attend.
  • Meal plans – compile a list of the things that your child will and will not eat. Write down breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner ideas include recipes if needed. You might want to prepare meals in advance and have them in the freezer.
  • Bedtime routine – include the bedtime routine that you have developed so your child feels more comfortable going to bed.
  • School information – notify your child’s school that someone else will be taking care of them. Write down your child’s teacher’s name and the school’s phone number and any transportation information.
  • Medical information – include any allergies or medical problems, including daily prescriptions. Make sure that you leave an insurance card along with authorization for the user to request medical service for your child. Write down your child’s pediatrician’s phone number. If your caregiver is unfamiliar with the area include directions to the doctor’s office and nearest hospital.
  • Household rules – list the rules of your house, including friends, computer or T.V. use, curfew, snacks, and where food is allowed to be eaten.
  • General information – write down general things: like when you do laundry, how to use media equipment, where your child’s clothes are kept, etc.
  • Contact information – be sure to include your contact information, name of your hotel, and flight information.
  • Credit card or cash – have a credit card available for emergency and/or cash that can be used for miscellaneous items.
  • Create a will – write up a will and have it notarized by a public notary in case something should happen to you while on vacation. This ensures that your children will go to the person you choose instead of the state.
  • Write letters – write a letter to each of your children that the caregiver can give them sometime while you are gone. This will reassure them of your love.

Completing the items on this list will help relieve any anxiety you might be feeling about leaving your child and ensure that you have a happy stress-free vacation.

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