Let’s Make Christmas Stockings!

Christmas stockings are fun to make and decorate. You can buy the ready-made ones and simply decorate them as desired, or you can make your own to decorate.

Use the pattern below and enlarge it for any size stockings you like. You can make large ones to hang up for Santa to fill and you can also make small or medium ones. They make great gift bags for small gifts and they also make really cute Christmas ornaments. Just glue (or have a grown up sew) some ribbon to the top corner for hanging.

One you have the pattern the size you want it, print it out. Cut it out and trace it onto fabric or felt (you can also make paper stockings for decorations or to use as cards). Cut the pattern out twice and then place the two pieces together with the “good side” facing outward. Glue the pieces together with fabric glue. You might want to have a grown up sew or help you sew around the edges for added strength if you want to fill the stockings.

Now, the really fun part! Decorate your stockings and make them look fantastic. You can cut shapes from felt, glue on beads or other tiny trinkets, write your name with glue and then add glitter, paint with fabric paint, or anything else you can come up with. Use your imagination.

Christmas stockingsAnother cute idea for a Christmas stocking decoration is to use them for silverware when setting the table for Christmas dinner. Use luxurious fabric to make the stockings, tie ribbon around a knife, fork, and spoon, and slip the silverware into the stocking with a big, pretty bow peeking out.

You might also want to hang a stocking on the front door and fill it with candy canes peeking over the edge to greet your guests. Click HERE for eight cute Christmas stocking patterns, and check back soon for more Christmas crafts!

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