Let’s Talk Tutoring

If you have children who are struggling in school, like so many people do, have you thought about getting them extra help outside of school? There are tons of options available, from the very expensive to the more reasonably priced.

Let me start with the very expensive, and then carry on tomorrow with another option. I wouldn’t want to give you all of the information all at once, would I? Besides, I could talk forever about this specific type of learning assistance for your child.

You’ve all seen the commercials offering assistance for your child who may be struggling at school. Commercials offering individualized learning with a small teacher to student ratio. Individualized learning from a certified teacher. I think you all know what I am talking about without giving the exact name away.

Do these learning centers really work? Do they get the results they claim to? Let me say this: I teach for one at night, so I have an insider’s point of view on it. I had never thought when I was teaching in the public school that I would ever want to teach at what I deemed an, “over-priced tutoring center”. However, I took a position at night there simply because the extra money would be nice for my family to have since I had decided to stay home with my children.

I took the job thinking of the money only, which wasn’t comparable to what I made actually teaching in a school. That is neither here nor there for me, but something to remember for your own choice. I have to say, I like it there. I do think it really can help kids, especially if the child is focused and wants to be there. If the child could care less, it may not work.

The pros are really this: The learning is individualized. These learning centers do extensive testing to determine what level your child is learning at and sets up a program based on those needs. The teachers are great (if I don’t say so myself!) and they really do care about the kids. Well, at least at the center I teach at they do. The curriculum used is outstanding. I am not just saying that because I work there, it is impressive. How I wish I had access to it when I was teaching at a school. The skills taught are quite great and the learning strategies are effective.

The cons of learning centers are these: It is expensive. If you have money, then this option may be for you. At the center I teach at, parents spend about 50 dollars an hour for their child to learn there. You may not think that is much. These places usually determine that your child will need between 100 and 170 hours of assistance to end up above grade level in a year. If you do the math, you will see just how much that is going to cost you.

They do offer payment plans through a loan company to help out. It is expensive, and if your child isn’t invested in it, he may not show progress. Your child needs to be there and listening and taking in what is taught. There is a lot of paper and pencil work along with some teacher instruction. A parent really needs to determine if this is something that is beneficial. Your child will see results and you will love that, if your child cares about seeing results.

I will end with this. I firmly believe that while these learning centers can help children who are struggling in school, if you have to take a loan out to send your child to one then maybe this isn’t the best choice for you. If your child doesn’t show a vested interest in learning there, then this type of learning assistance isn’t for you. What else is out there then? Tune in tomorrow and find out!