Letter Writing Journaling

Specifically I saved this particular article for today. It is my daughter’s 10th birthday and on every single birthday layout I completed, I tend to do a letter as my journaling. Letter writing feels good, because you can write to the person, and you aren’t as obligated to feel like you have to fill in missing information.

The best part of letter writing journaling is that it is the ability to convey your message to the person the layout is for. For instance, today I will be creating a journaling letter for my daughter’s birthday, even though the photographs have not been taken and I have not even started a layout.

Usually a choose a neutral color of cardstock, but even if you use something that winds up clashing too much, remember that there is hidden journaling. Especially if you do not want the whole world to read what you have written.

Today I want to convey through my words, how hard it is to see my little baby turning ten years old. She is my biological youngest, and I cannot believe she is already ten years old. I want her to understand that ten is bittersweet for me. I want to convey to her the different emotions that I have, my love for her that grows, the beauty I am seeing exuding out of her, etc.

That is why letter writing is so awesome. It is a strong, and powerful form of journaling that expresses our inner most thoughts and desires through the written word. It may or may not tell a story with the photos it accompanies, but it does allow the reader to see inside our hearts or our minds.

Letters can be tucked into envelopes and placed on your layout, they can be hidden behind pictures or elements on the scrapbook page, or you can simply write out the letter and place it write there on the page as an element itself.

Do you do letter writing journaling?

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