Letters of Love: My Wife, My Best Friend

Today’s letter of love comes from a husband who reads the blog occasionally, but knows that his wife really enjoys checking here everyday to read the articles and more. He decided, rather on the spur of the moment, to write a letter to his wife and he asked if I would publish it today, because it’s her birthday. So here it is and please accept my well-wishes for a very happy birthday.

My Wife & My Best Friend

Dear Diane,

I hope you get to read this the morning it’s published. I’ve asked the blogger putting up these articles to post it on your birthday. Today, you turn 38 and it probably surprises you that not only did I remember your birthday this year, I planned ahead. You mentioned a couple of days ago about this series and the letter written by the army wife, so that’s where I got my idea. Thank you for that.

After 18 years, it shouldn’t surprise me that all the best ideas come from you. There is something about how you look at the things that happen in our lives that inspires me. I met you in a college class, one you were good at and I definitely wasn’t. If I hadn’t asked you for tutoring before our mid-terms, I have to wonder, would we have ever gotten together?

In our Junior year, you scaled back your classes because we wanted to move in together and we couldn’t afford the rent, the utilities and two full loads of college classes. You were there for me as I graduated and you helped me study to get into graduate school. You kept putting off going back to finish those credits because there was always something you and I wanted to do together.

First it was moving because I got the job offer. Then it was getting married. Not long after that we found out we were pregnant. Two children later, you were amazing – you took care of our home, our kids and you still worked part time because you loved working with books and at the library. In all of that time, you’ve never finished your degree, but you’ve never resented it either. You’ve always found time for me and my problems, you’ve always offered me a fresh perspective and you’ve never let me down. I wish I could say the same about myself.

For your birthday this year, you’re going back to school. I’ve put aside the money and I’ll make the time to support you. I want to do for you, all the things you’ve done for me over the last 18 years of our marriage. Happy Birthday, Diane and Happy Valentine’s Day.

Thank you for being my wife and my best friend.

All my love,

Letters of Love

You write these letters of love for the ones you love. Do you have a letter of love that you want to write to your spouse? Whether they are here in the states, sleeping next to you night after night or far away in another state or another country. Do you have a letter of love that you would like to share?

Letters of Love are a part of our 14 Days of Romance here in the Marriage Blog, we hope you enjoy them!

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