Life Imitating Art: My Marriage and Friday Night Lights

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how I could relate to an ordeal that Tami Taylor, a character on NBC’s Friday Night Lights, was going through.

She and her husband were having a commuter marriage because he had accepted a coaching job in another town. Still in Texas but about two hours away from their home. She stayed behind so that her daughter could stay at her high school with her friends and so that Tami could keep her job.

Being apart while a spouse is working elsewhere was something I could definitely relate to. Except in my case I had to stay behind to sell the house while Wayne was working states away in Florida. (Nine hours drive by car, but only about an hour by air.)

Then on one of the shows Tami had a major meltdown. I bawled in sympathy watching it, because just the weekend before I’d had a breakdown of my own and could sympathize with her frustration and exhaustion.

But my sympathizing days weren’t over yet. In yet another weird twist of life imitating art (in this case, my life and Friday Night Lights once again), on last week’s show Coach Taylor got approached to come back and take over his old duties coaching the high school football team.

Last week Wayne got an offer from his old job here in Nashville to come back and take over his old duties too.

Coach Taylor decided to take the job. So did Wayne.

Last week’s show had Tami and her husband happily reuniting and rejoicing in being a family under the same roof once again. I won’t know that joy for about another three weeks. (Wayne gave the job in Jacksonville a three week notice.)

But I did get to take the house off the market! This was humongously good news for me because I work from home and was getting tired of the distractions showings created. (It was part of why I’d had my major meltdown.)

I wasn’t much of a Friday Night Lights fan when the show first started. It was something Wayne liked and I sort of gravitated to at the end of last season. But this season I’ve been hooked –as well as unnerved by how much I can relate to what certain characters are enduring.

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