Lifelong Learning

Some people are lifelong students. They are always willing to learn something new. They’re always seeking something new to devote their time and mind to (the talent may come later). One of my favorite stories are of the elderly learning computers. All of the sudden they are able to communicate instantly with family and friends (possibly even by video) because of the amazing technological advances in recent years. Learning is a valueable thing and the desire to learn is strong in certain people. I used to wonder why math is important and now I use math every day (as an artist and as a teacher). Learning is important.

I spend the entire summer studying within one field: theatre. While the things within that one area can be broad it can become tiring (or maybe that was just the studying). My mind yearned for other things to learn about. So I started doing research in other areas. I expanded. I started looking at copyright law, I started learning to do simple video editing, and I continued to learn about technology. For whatever reason I’ve always been curious about things and I’ve always found myself investing the time to learn something new. I learned to juggle in a math class. I learned to balance rulers on my nose in a science class. I started playing guitar in a friends basement. I fiddled with a piano after I learned guitar. I’m the kind of person that will re-open and re-close a door (over and over again) because of an interesting creaking sound. I’m always fascinated by the world around me and I hope you are too.

Sometimes we get caught up in ourselves. Sometimes we get caught up in all of the things we find important in our own lives and forget that sometimes our brain either needs a break from all of the specific focus or our brain needs to engage in a different way with a different task. Whatever your age: be a lifelong learner.