Like What You’ve Got

Nothing gets the Internet fired up more than a mom going public about her utter disdain for her child.

And we’re not talking about a bitter teen, who stole the family car, crashed it into a brick wall and tried to torch it to hide the evidence, or even a grown kid who robbed his mother of her life savings.

Rather, the mom in the media spotlight I am referring to recently penned an article for Redbook detailing her dislike for her firstborn, a “small, shy, weak, anti-social” baby, who apparently epitomized everything she didn’t want in a child, especially one she had just given birth to.

Long story short, the mom writes about loving and nurturing her infant, but confesses that she didn’t really like the kid, until…

In the article, the mom writer eventually reveals that her daughter suffers from a hormone deficiency which resulted in the child’s developmental delays and other personality challenges.

Basically, the mom shares with a worldwide audience that she didn’t like her own flesh and blood until the child was diagnosed with a medical condition that some how explained away her undesirable behavior and suddenly all was right in the world.

In the Redbook article the mom writes:

“As the diagnosis sank in, I found myself feeling more tender, more motherly toward Sophie. Instead of me pitted against her, it’s now us, together, pitted against this diagnosis. My husband is cautiously optimistic about the treatment (nightly hormone shots) but concerned about possible side effects. After all, he has accepted her as is all along. The happy dance I’m doing over this diagnosis is mine alone.”

So, now that the mom can slap a label on her kid and blame her offspring’s anti-social behavior on something other than genetics, the child is instantly loveable?

How about loving your kid because she’s your kid?

I can understand disliking a person’s temperament, personality or behavior, but to state that you don’t like your kid because she’s not the type of person you can relate to, is really more your issue than your child’s.

I can’t imagine ever not liking my child, and even if I did, I certainly wouldn’t announce it to the world, especially when the world is teeming with individuals pining for children they can’t have on their own, who would love, like and worship any kid they could wrap their arms around. How about you?

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