Liken the Scriptures: David and Goliath

On today, Veteran’s Day, we pay tribute to those men and women who have given of themselves to fight for our freedom. I’d like to also pay tribute to those who fight for our religious freedom. David of the Bible did both.

davidIn the first Bible-based movie in the Liken the Scriptures lineup, Spencer has finished reading the Book of Mormon from cover to cover, and he feels pretty good about it. But then he gets a phone call from the stake president, asking if he’ll give a talk in stake conference about his experiences reading the Book of Mormon. Leaving the phone dangling, he runs into his bedroom and hides in his closet, where his father finds him. Everyone gets scared, his father explains, but as we face up to our fears, we can have the help of Heavenly Father to bring us through safely. We go into the story of David, the youngest son in a family of overly-confident brothers.

The prophet of the land has asked all the sons of David’s father to come see him, and he will prophesy who will be the next king of Judah. Each of the brothers musically states his case as to why he should be king, while David lingers in the background. Everyone in the family thinks that he is too small to become the next king, so they don’t even take him to see the prophet. When the other men arrive, the prophet looks them over, and asks if there isn’t one more son. David is sent for, and when he arrives, the prophet says that this son will be the next king.

In the meantime, King Saul is very distraught. Being a king isn’t easy and sometimes he gets stressed out. He finds his greatest relief throwing small objects against the wall in his bedroom, but after going through all the knickknacks, including the Hummel, he still doesn’t feel any better. David is brought before him to play the lute, and the king is able to finally drift off to sleep.

We all know how David came to go up against Goliath. In this version, Goliath is played by NBA super-star Thurl Bailey, made to look even taller through the magic of television. As David looks for the stones he needs to face the giant, he compares us, as followers of Christ, to smooth stones that the Lord carries with Him, and that as we serve Him, we are tools He can use.

Spencer gains the courage he needs to give the talk in stake conference, but gets the surprise of his life to find that Thurl Bailey will also be speaking. Thurl confesses that he’s nervous too, as Spencer looks up at him in awe.

This charming DVD teaches courage and integrity, and that you never have to be afraid to fight for what’s right.

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