Lionel Richie: “I’m the Basket Case.”

Who doesn’t think that Nicole Richie is rail-thin? Fellow blogger Libby made a cute comment in regards to the “Simple Life” star’s physique recently that made me wonder if anyone in Richie’s immediate family noticed what we Popular Culture bloggers (and other entertainment magazine readers) have noticed. I got my answer a few days ago.

Nicole’s father, the legendary Lionel Richie is breaking his silence regarding his daughter’s weight.

“I’ll be honest with you, it hurts me more than it hurts her,” the 57-year-old singer told TV’s “Access Hollywood” in an interview that aired earlier this week. “I’m more sensitive. I take it more so personal … I must tell you, I’m the basket case.”

For her part, 24-year-old Nicole admitted in an interview with “Vanity Fair” magazine that she is “too thin right now.” She also revealed that after months of speculation by the media and her own family that she suffered from an eating disorder (which she has repeatedly denied), Nicole says has decided to work with a nutritionist, psychiatrist and trainer in an effort to gain weight.

As for the elder Richie he says he is no different than any other concerned parent. He says it is natural for him to worry about his daughter’s health, especially considering Nicole has sought professional help in the past to overcome a drug addiction. Regarding, his daughter’s battle to gain weight Richie says, “What are fathers for if you can’t point the finger every once in a while? The good part of it is she is aware of it. … She has heard this all her life from me so this is just a continuation of the reminder.”

Despite recent pictures of her frail figure in a bikini lounging on a Malibu beach with new best friend, actress Mischa Barton, Nicole maintains that she is feeling great and blames her dramatic weight loss to stressful moments that have plagued her life, including her on-and-off relationship (including a broken engagement) with boyfriend (or ex-fiancé) DJ AM.

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