Liquid Laundry Detergent

I never use powder laundry detergent. While some people prefer powder over liquid laundry detergent because it typically lasts longer and costs less, I have never been a big fan.

Interestingly, I recently learned that Wisk laundry detergent is considered by many as being the first-ever liquid laundry detergent marketed to the general public. Launched in 1956, Wisk was embraced by homemakers the world over. The detergent was popular from the get-go, but in 1974 sales went through the roof when the company launched it’s new ad campaign, which featured the highly successful “Ring Around the Collar” TV commercials and print ads.

I remember the ads, and there’s no question that Wisk is a very recognizable household product, but I’m not a loyal customer, even though it holds the title as “the first liquid detergent.” Ironically, roughly 20 years after the launch of its famous commercial, which featured liquid Wisk being poured over a collar stain, the company debuted a powder version.

Today, you can find Wisk in a variety of forms, including:

Original Wisk: The original version contains the same basic list of ingredients that was featured on the containers sold in the 1950s. The biggest difference is the packaging and amount included in each container. These days Original Wisk comes in concentrated form so you use less per load.

High Efficiency: If you own a front-load or top-load high efficiency washer than you would need to purchase Wisk’s HE formula that creates less suds, but still deep cleans clothing.

Bleach Alternative: Wisk Bleach Alternative is safe to use on colors and whites. The product is specially designed so that you don’t have to add standard bleach to your wash.

Citrus Clean: Wisk Citrus Clean features a fresh and fruity smell. Your clothes, towels and other laundry will smell like you picked them from a citrus grove.

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